We want to be Australia’s most eco-friendly vitamins

We believe that nature looks after us, so we must look after nature. That’s why we’re on a mission to become more environmentally friendly.

We’re making a difference. For nature. For you.

Cooling for Schools

Carbon neutral
by 2030

We’re on track to be carbon neutral by 2030

Restoring Critical Habitats


We’re reducing our footprint and adopting circular solutions

Planting 10,000 Trees

Greener cities

We’re making our cities better places to live through our Greening Australia partnership

We still have lots to do.
Here’s how we plan to do it:

2022 2023 2024+

By the end of 2022, all our sales cars will be 100% hybrid.
Our manufacturing facility will install solar panels and continue our water efficiency and biodiversity plans.
Australasian Recycling Label logos applied to all products.
We’ve partnered with Greening Australia to re-green our cities.

Remove blister packs so our full product range will be 100% recyclable from home.
We will map the entire provenance of our raw materials to ensure they are sustainably sourced.
Our manufacturing facility will transition to renewable energy sources.

Nature’s Own will reach carbon neutral in Scope 1 & 2 emissions.
Reduce Scope 3 emissions through programmes and partnerships across our entire value chain.
We will achieve best in class certification recognising our sustainability standards.

Monitor, manage and reduce emissions on 100% of manufacturing sites by 2025

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For us, this is all part of looking after nature because nature looks after you.

Find out how our partnership with Greening Australia is helping re-green our cities and urban spaces.

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Re-greening our cities
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We believe that nature looks after us, so we must look after nature.