Why do I wake up feeling tired?

Published February 17, 2015

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When you sleep well you should feel energetic and productive come morning. If you’re experiencing disturbed sleep, you’re likely to be constantly waking up feeling almost as tired as when you went to bed – something may be awry.

Are you getting enough sleep?

Although the general consensus is to obtain seven to eight hours of sleep each night, everyone is different and will have different sleep needs depending on their individual circumstances. If you’re waking up feeling tired, consider going to bed an hour or two earlier.

Is something interrupting your sleep?

Light, noise, temperature and you’re overall quality of health can each affect a quality night’s sleep.

  • Light – Light and darkness are powerful guides for your body, telling you when to wake and when to rest. Artificial light can send wake-up messages to the brain and make it harder to fall asleep and stay asleep.1 Assess your bedroom for any light emitted from electronic devices or outside sources such as streetlights, and block them where possible. Wear an eye mask if needed.
  • Noise – When we sleep, our brains are still able to process and register sounds on a basic level. This means that any noise in our sleeping environment can cause us to wake, move and shift between stages of sleep and it may be so brief that you may not remember in the morning.2 Constant noise may ultimately disturb the continuity of our sleep and affect how we feel the following day. Mask noise that you can’t control with an unvarying and unobtrusive sound such as those produced by fans or air purifiers and/or wear ear plugs.
  • Temperature – Research shows that a cool room, approximately 18.5 degrees, is the most conducive to a good night’s sleep.3 If you’re overheated it may interfere with your sleep quality by making you more restless through the night and therefore less rested the following day. Wear light comfortable clothing, use breathable bed linen and open windows or use a fan to ensure your bedroom is cool enough and has sufficient air flow.
  • Health – Certain medicines and some health conditions may be robbing you of quality sleep including sinus problems, lower back pain, arthritis and restless legs syndrome.4 Consult your healthcare professional if you’re concerned that this may be causing your lack of energy in the morning.

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