Tips for living well at any age – your 50’s

Published April 18, 2014

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Your 50’s can often bring many changes, challenges and enjoyment. For example, your children may be grown up and leave the house, you may experience work stresses and you will definitely begin to notice some physical changes brought on by normal ageing. Now more than ever, it’s important to look after yourself physically, mentally and emotionally. Here are some tips to help get you started.

Exercise your brain

Despite what many people believe, mental decline isn’t an inevitable part of ageing. Symptoms like forgetfulness are more likely to occur as you get older, but there’s a lot you can do to help your brain stay in good shape. The more active your mind is, the better your memory is likely to be. Some daily ideas to help boost your brain power include doing a crossword puzzle, reading, taking up a new hobby and staying socially active.1

Reduce salt intake

Salt is a chemical compound made up of sodium and chloride. Although a small amount of salt is needed by the body to maintain good health, many Australians consumer much in their daily diet. Cutting down your salt intake may help manage cardiovascular health and support healthy blood pressure levels. You can do this by not adding salt to your food at the table, choosing reduced‐salt breads and cereals, and cutting back on processed and takeaway foods.2

Have regular check‐ups

In addition to general screening tests you may have had before, your doctor may start to recommend new ones once you pass your 50th birthday. These may include cholesterol checks, thyroid function tests, respiratory checks, bone density scans and tests that monitor heart function, such as an electrocardiogram (ECG). Men may also be advised to get regular prostate gland checks, while women may begin having regular breast examinations, such as mammograms.3

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