Tips for living well at any age – your 40s

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Turning 40 is a significant milestone in society and is considered by some to herald the start of middle age. However, with increased life expectancies and a greater focus on health and wellness, our 40s are now seen as ‘the new 30s’ by many people. During this time, your health focus should be on working to stay healthy, reduce the risk of future health problems and maintaining fitness levels. Here are a few tips to help you make your 40s as fabulous as possible.

Maintain (or start) healthy habits

If you haven’t already, your 40s are a great time to start practising some healthy lifestyle habits. These include healthy eating, getting regular exercise, not smoking, limiting alcohol consumption and getting enough sleep.1 By incorporating these into your everyday routine, you will be reducing your risk of developing many significant health problems.

See your doctor

In your 40s, it’s more important than ever to schedule routine check‐ups with healthcare professionals such as your GP. It’s recommended that you see your GP once a year, where they may pick up the early signs of potential health conditions. The earlier these are discovered and treated, the better the outcome for your overall health.2 Your GP may do a number of checks such as blood pressure, blood sugar, cholesterol levels and weight. You may also be asked to have a blood test which can be helpful in detecting potential health problems early on.

Have your eyes checked

Vision changes are common after the age of 40 and include needing reading glasses, having difficulty adjusting to glare and differentiating between colours especially blue and green. These are all considered to be a normal part of aging, but it’s still important that you see your optometrist for an annual check‐up. This is because you’re at a higher risk of developing eye conditions as you get older. Early detection and treatment of these problems is key to maintaining your sight.3

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Published April 11, 2014
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