Five ways to boost bone strength

Published March 28, 2014

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Our bones support our every move, protect our vital organs and act as a storehouse for important minerals. It’s therefore essential that we take care of our bones and don’t take them for granted. At any stage of life you can take simple steps to help form strong healthy bones and keep them that way.

  1. Include calcium rich foods in your diet – The mineral calcium plays a major role in maximizing bone health and strength and can modify the rate of bone loss associated with aging. To give your body the calcium it needs consume calcium rich foods such as dairy foods – milk, yoghurt, cheese and buttermilk, calcium fortified foods such as some soy milk and tofu, canned salmon or sardines with edible bones, plenty of green leafy vegetables, almonds, brazil nuts and tahini.1 You could also consider a calcium supplement to help ensure you meet your daily requirements.
  2. Get your daily dose of vitamin D – Vitamin D is required for the absorption and utilization of calcium in the body and therefore essential for forming and maintaining strong healthy bones. Adequate vitamin D can be obtained through moderate exposure to the sun and through vitamin D supplements when exposure is limited. Small amounts are found in fatty fish, beef and liver, butter, eggs and fortified foods such as margarine and milk but dietary sources alone are not sufficient to obtain all your daily vitamin D needs.
  3. Consider other bone‐building nutrients – Magnesium, zinc, boron, manganese and vitamin K all play roles in bone health. To help ensure you’re getting enough of these important vitamins and minerals consume a well‐balanced diet and consider a comprehensive bone support supplement.
  4. Exercise – Certain exercises can help build and strengthen bone including weight bearing exercise such as brisk walking, jogging, tennis, dancing and netball as well as resistance training such as using hand weights.2
  5. Don’t smoke and limit alcohol and caffeine consumption – Cigarette smoking, drinking more than two standard alcoholic beverages or more than three cups of tea or coffee a day, can impact on our bone strength and increase the risk of osteoporosis.3

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