How Cereboost™ can help you focus

Published March 3, 2015

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It’s easy to become distracted when at the office or studying for an exam, but finding focus, or being able to hold your concentration on one task, can help your efficiency and performance. Having a fully functioning working memory may be the key.

Working memory, or short‐term memory, is the cognitive function that allows you to store particular pieces of critical information briefly in your mind until the opportunity to use them arrives. It’s like a mental blackboard or workspace, that provides a temporary holding store so that relevant information is accessible and available to be observed or manipulated.1 Once cognitive tasks are accomplished, this information can be erased.

Research suggests that the greater your working memory capacity is, the greater your ability to remove distractions and stay focused.2 Examples of using your working memory include recalling a phone number in‐between hearing and dialing the number, or holding driving directions in your mind.2 At work, you may use your working memory to prioritise multiple activities, meet deadlines or sustain attention in meetings,3 focus and interest in lectures3 or to hold onto information you absorbed through research when writing a presentation or essay.

Your working memory does have its limits however, and its capacity may decline when trying to hold onto too much information at once or when engaging in a particularly demanding task.4 If you’re working memory is not up to speed you may find yourself getting easily distracted, procrastinating, zoning out in lectures or meetings, being unable to break down projects into manageable steps or misplacing items like keys or mobile phones.3

How does Cereboost™ help with working memory and focus?

Cereboost™ is a unique extract of American ginseng (Panax quinquefolium) that has been specially developed for its effects on cognitive performance and has a unique profile of compounds known as ginsenosides. Cereboost’s impact on cognitive performance has been demonstrated in a scientific study whereby participants experienced improvement in their working memory for six hours, both in terms of memory speed and capacity.

Taking Cereboost™ may be beneficial when clarity of thought and focus is required for example, students undertaking exams, people who work in a stressful environment or those starting a new job and needing to take in a lot of new information. It can be found in combination with other brain support ingredients including B vitamins, brahmi and ginkgo biloba.

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