10 exercises to help you get motivated to move more

Published April 8, 2014

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Hitting the treadmill every day or lifting weights in the gym may not be everyone’s idea of a good time. But not all exercise has to be a chore and just about everyone can find a form of activity that they enjoy, that keeps them motivated and makes them feel good.

  1. Take a dance class – Music makes exercising more enjoyable and tolerable and dancing gives you a great mind‐body workout. Whether its ballet, ballroom, jazz, salsa or Zumba, dancing is great for people of all ages and abilities.
  2. Go hiking – You’ll be so captivated by the scenery that you’ll forget that you’re even exercising at all.
  3. Try yoga – Yoga builds strength, increases flexibility and teaches you to relax. Plus there are many different types of yoga available depending on your likes and needs from gentle to acrobatic.
  4. Ride to work – Cycling is a great heart and lung workout that is also fun, relatively cheap and good for the environment. Riding to work is also a good time‐efficient way to combine exercise with your everyday routine.1
  5. Start a social sports team – Exercising with others can be fun and help you commit and stay motivated.
  6. Create your own boot camp – Meet friends at the local sports field or park and create your own circuit with strength and cardio exercises.
  7. Surf, body surf or try stand‐up paddle boarding – Australia has a more than adequate coastline to enjoy these activities, which will help improve your cardiovascular fitness, increase strength and provide a good outlet for stress and tension.
  8. Sign up for a challenge – Signing up for a 5km run, half marathon, triathlon or tough mudder challenge can help encourage you to move more.
  9. Vary your running or walking route – While pounding on the treadmill can be monotonous for some people, walking or running around your area, along a river or beach can help keep things interesting.
  10. Turn daily chores into a workout – Mundane but necessary household tasks are an ample opportunity to get a good work out. Vacuuming, washing the car and mowing the lawn are all good options.

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