Five health tips to get you through the festive season

Published December 14, 2014

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It’s that time of year again, when candy canes appear in supermarkets and radio announcers start counting down the sleeps til Christmas. While that does usually mean a few well-earned holidays, time spent with family and the smell of Christmas lilies, it can also mean a few extra kilos find their way around your stomach or hips during the social festivities. Below are five tips to help you stay on top of your health this festive season so you can start the new year feeling your best.

Enjoy the fresh seasonal food

When you’re surrounded by friends and family, Christmas carols and decorations, it’s only too easy to forget about the great food in front of you. Your digestive system is likely to be given a bit of a workout if you over-indulge in all the goodies available at this time of year, so taking the time to savor your food and eat mindfully might help avoid that bloated feeling come Boxing Day. You could also mix it up by swapping out sugary lollies with fresh antioxidant packed cherries or sun ripened mangoes.

Stick to a well-balanced breakfast

Every day will bring new temptations with work celebrations, get togethers with friends and offers at the supermarket. While many of these are unavoidable, you can at least start the day off well every single day with a balanced breakfast. Look to include plenty of fiber, fruit and grains to help you feel fuller for longer and avoid any mid-morning snacking.

Try using smaller plates

It’s a simple trick, but one that works well once you’re in the habit. Christmas parties often come with an array of plate sizes, so pick up the smallest one and only go back for seconds if you still feel hungry. These smaller sizes will make you more mindful of how much you’re eating and ensure your eyes are only as big as your plate.

Get plenty of sleep

Many festivities will have you out at events during the evenings more often than usual, so remember to make an effort to ensure you’re still getting the rest your body requires in order to recover from the busy days. You may want to consider a natural supplement or relaxing chamomile tea to help you unwind and prepare for bed of an evening. Maintaining your regular sleep cycles as much as possible will help to manage your energy levels and keep you looking fresh for the days ahead.

Stay hydrated

Lastly, stay hydrated. You’ll likely be busier than usual and water will help you to look and feel your best – and it can even stop you from snacking more than necessary. Remember to keep a water bottle in your bag in case there aren’t any jugs available, and always try to alternate your drinks with a glass of water to replace any lost fluids.

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