Men’s health and Movember

Published October 31, 2014

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During November each year, men all over Australia and New Zealand grow out their facial hair, take photographs and look forward to December when they can shave them off again. But why? This light-hearted approach to a serious issue is an annual reminder that men’s health should be at the forefront of everyone’s minds. In fact, in Australia, the average life expectancy for a male is 79.4, compared to 84 for women.1

These statistics are reflected around the world, and the rationales behind them are varied and vague. The people behind Movember have their own explanations for such trends, stating that it is a mixture of low awareness around issues such as prostate health, in conjunction with men being less likely to open up about their health problems. This may mean some men delay action when they aren’t feeling well, which could lead to mi-diagnoses or lost opportunities to take preventative action before it’s too late.1

With the fun approach of a handlebar moustache, the organisers behind the awareness month hope to tackle these issues by ensuring more people are thinking about men’s health and taking a proactive mindset about any potential problems.

While the approach is all about a creative and fun way everyone can raise awareness and funds for such a good cause, there are plenty of facts to support the case for male health.1 That’s why it’s so important to keep an eye on your health, and that of loved ones. A healthy diet filled with essential vitamins and minerals combined with exercise and regular health check-ups are a great place to start.

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