Skincare from the inside out

Published March 16, 2014

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While there are plenty of products on the market to help your skin look its best from the outside in, one thing many people forget is that it’s even more important to start on the inside.
Our skin is a reflection of our health in many ways, so when we’re getting the right amounts of essential vitamins and minerals in addition to a good night’s sleep and a balanced lifestyle, you’ll find your appearance is naturally brighter.

Keep these nutrients in mind to help keep your skin glowing:

Antioxidants are a fantastic way to help your skin look its best. Antioxidants battle free radicals and molecules in the body which can harm skin cells, making skin look tired, dull or simply run down. As a general rule of thumb, aim for plenty of fruits and vegetables that are rich in colour. Good examples include blueberries, strawberries, kale, spinach and different kinds of peppers.

There are also a variety of vitamins and minerals required for healthy skin. Most importantly, vitamin C, A and E work together to fight free radicals, keep any dry, flaky skin at bay and may even reduce the appearance of wrinkles.1

Omega-3’s, or fatty acids are also great for the skin. These are found in high numbers in some fish products such as salmon and sardines, as well as in many oils. It’s also available in a variety of supplements if you don’t particularly like the dietary sources available. Omega-3s help with many functions in the body, but for the skin especially they help keep the outer layer strong and ward off pollutants from the environment.

If you’re finding it tough to get sufficient vitamins and nutrients into your diet, specialised multivitamins such as a women’s multi or a men’s multi, may be a way to help increase those you’re missing through food alone.

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