Benefits of detoxing

Published April 7, 2014

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While there is little scientific evidence to support detoxing and a lot of scepticism surrounds it, when done the correct way, detoxing may have a number of health benefits. “Detoxing” isn’t a new fad; it’s been an integral part of traditional systems of healing for hundreds of years. For example, Native Americans use sweat lodges and traditional Ayurvedic medicine is based on detoxification practices.1

A natural balanced detox program may:

  • Promote healthy changes – A detox program gives you the opportunity to clean up your diet and focus on nutrient dense foods and healthy practices.It’s a way to help stop unhealthy food choices that have become a habit.
  • Boost energy – By eliminating processed foods, alcohol, refined sugar and caffeine, and increasing your intake of vitamin, mineral and antioxidant rich wholefoods such as fruit and vegetables, many people experience more energy.2
  • Keep things moving – By supporting the digestive system with fiber from plant based foods such as fruit, vegetables, legumes and nuts, the removal of waste through the digestive tract improves. You may also find that bloating or flatulence diminishes and that you feel less ‘heavy’ or sluggish.
  • Encourage clearer skin – If your diet is high in wholesome, nutrient dense foods and you use methods such as dry skin brushing, you may notice clearer, smoother skin.
  • Aid clearer thinking – Many followers of detoxes report that they are able to think more clearly,2 which may be a side effect of cleaning up the diet.
  • Support liver function – Our liver is one of the primary organs involved in detoxification. It’s responsible for filtering our blood, and breaking down toxins and pollutants so they can be excreted by the body. Taking supportive liver herbs such as milk thistle helps protect liver cells, maintain liver function and supports its detoxifying capacity.
  • Lighten your toxic load – Although our bodies are fairly apt at dealing with daily toxins, you can lighten your load by cutting out alcohol, caffeine, nicotine, refined sugars and processed foods. Replacing these with organically grown foods and using natural‐based skin and cleaning products will help give your body a well‐deserved break.

For ideas on how to create your own balanced detox program, check out what is a detox.

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