Published March 24, 2014

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What is Horseradish?

The horseradish plant is part of the mustard family. It’s used in traditional Eastern European medicine to help relieve congestion.

Why your body needs Horseradish

Horseradish can help relieve nasal congestion, whether it’s due to a cold, allergy or sinus problems. It helps to break down mucus so your body can expel it more easily.

Horseradish is also known for its ability to fight bacteria so it can help your body combat bronchial complaint and respiratory congestion if caused by bacteria. It can also be used as to help with healthy digestion.

Dietary sources of Horseradish

You can eat horseradish with certain foods, but it’s unlikely to be an ingredient that you use regularly.

In supplement form, Horseradish is often teamed up with additional ingredients like garlic and Vitamin C, to provide maximum effect against infections and allergies.

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