Superfood: Quinoa

Published March 6, 2014

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Quinoa was everywhere in 2013 and with so many facts and benefits surrounding this plant, it’s hardly surprising that 2013 was the year of quinoa.1 Pronounced ‘keen-wah’, this superfood can be made into flour for bread, it can be cooked, made into soup, used as cereal or turned into pasta. In the Andes, quinoa is fermented to beer or chichi, a traditional drink. While it has been around for a long time, quinoa is now being flagged as a potential player in the battle to eradicate hunger, malnutrition and poverty due to its ready availability throughout the Andean region.

So what makes quinoa so great?

There are four benefits2 of eating quinoa – and every single one of them is great for both men’s health and women’s health.

  1. Quinoa is one of the few foods on the planet packed with all nine amino acids your body needs to build muscle and body tissue.2
  2. One serving provides about 2.45 times the amount of protein than rice and 50 per cent more than wheat – offering a great grain alternative to meat for vegetarians in particular.
  3. Iron is another important essential for your body, and one that is found in abundance in quinoa. This is important for delivering oxygen throughout your body.2
  4. Quinoa has twice the fibre as most grains which is beneficial for maintaining healthy digestion.2

If you haven’t tried this incredible superfood yet, maybe it’s time to add it to your shopping list.

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